A Simple List of Good Reads - Feb 12th, 2019

Our By-Weekly list of what's got our team excited in the product space.

Photo: JP Holecka
Published by J.P. Holecka on 02.12.2019

A Simple List of Good Reads, is a collection of articles and content our team is reading that focus on the latest trends, findings, and insights of Products, Services and Experiences.

HoloLens 2.0, now with more lens.

Microsoft to Launch HoloLens 2 at Mobile World Congress 2019 after a several year absence since the killing off of the Windows phone. We're expecting to see a larger field of view, a new custom AI chip, and Kinect sensor among other innovations they've been working on since the launch of version one a few years ago. One of our former engineers is now part of their Vancouver team!

Gmail Improves SPAM via Artificial Intelligence

File this under continuous improvements and Artificial Intelligence. Gmail is blocking an extra 100 million spam emails per day using TensorFlow. Following close on the heels of their Q3 Material Design System redesign Google continues to give Gmail lots of love in the competitive product space of email clients. We love the fact that there is a focus on Simplifying the eradication of SPAM emails.

Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile as easy as 1,2,3

Three of the most talked about product processes of the last five years have never been so easily described than in this O'Reilly article. As a company that subscribes to all three, it's often not that easy to describe the methods to newbies.

"Design Thinking: It’s a search for meaning, usually focusing on human needs and experience. Using intuitive and abductive reasoning, Design Thinking explores and questions what is, and then imagines what could be with innovative and inventive future solutions."

"Lean is: Lean practitioners use the deliberate practice of testing their hypotheses through action, observing what actually happens, and making adjustments based on the differences observed."

"Agile is: The heart of Agile is building great software solutions that adapt gracefully to changing needs. Agile begins with a problem—not a requirement—and delivers an elegant solution. The Agile mindset acknowledges that the right solution today might not be the right solution tomorrow. It’s rapid, iterative, easily adapted, and focused on quality through continuous improvement."

You can get a deeper dive on all three here on the O'Rilley site.

Tesla's "First Mover" Position is likely extended.

It looks like Tesla will remain a market leader with their Model 3's on up to Model X after Porsche Audi Engineers teardown the latest model from Tesla. Product innovation is key to disrupting a sector as mature as the Automobile space, and it looks like Tesla continues its run after some of Germany's top auto engineers admit that Elon Musk's company is further ahead than they thought. So much so, that they've almost admitted it's time to go back to the drawing board with their respective EV MVPs.