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Profit Sharing through Transparency: How POWERSHiFTER Structures Our Bonus Pool

We’re sharing our journey to help other agencies who may be considering their own program.


Betting on Ourselves: The Future of Luxury Watch Shopping

As a digital product shop, we’ve built hundreds of applications for clients. Now, it's time to do it for ourselves.


Growth Mindset: New Roles to Take POWERSHiFTER & luxxee to the Next Level

We believe in growing our team and are excited to announce new roles within leadership.


Webinar: Rethinking CX Needs in 2021

We'll show you how to apply Lean Service Design to your CX strategy this year.


POWERSHiFTER Wins UX for Product at the VanUX Awards!

We're thrilled to receive recognition for our project with Delta Controls.


3 Ways Clients Benefit from a Strong Company Culture

A company's culture can be its most powerful tool to keep clients and staff happy.


What is Firebase and why our engineers (and clients) are fired up about it

When speed and quality are critical to app development, leverage existing technologies.


A New Way to Write RFPs

In part 3 of the 3-part series, we highlight ways to refine, refresh, and reimagine the process so you can find the agency that’s right for you.


Think an RFP Is Your Only Option for Hiring an Agency? Think Again.

In part 2 of the 3-part series, we highlight five effective strategies you can use to find a qualified partner for your next project.


4 Reasons Why Great Agencies Aren’t Responding to Your RFPs

In part 1 of the 3-part series, we’re going to identify some common problems with requests for proposals.


Unsure Whether to Keep Digital Product Development In-House?

Why Outsourcing Digital Product Design Will Benefit Your Organization


Service Design Thinking, Simplified

Looking at how simplicity impacts service design, and how these two philosophies go hand in hand for great UX.


Why We’ve Made "Simple" Our Mandate for Product Design

How to tame the enemy known as complexity. Improving profits, liveability, and satisfaction for your products and services.