How we built a powerful customized content management system that propelled a national distillery brand to new heights.

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Designing content and management system to scale a national distillery


  • Strategic planning
  • User experience
  • User research
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Design sprints
  • Co-design workshops
  • User interface design

The brief.

Goodridge & Williams asked Power Shifter to launch a beverage website that would bring NÜTRL new levels of popularity — increasing engagement for retailers and consumers through strategic content.

The solution.

This project was all about listening to the customer. Output from user research, value proposition workshops, and usability testing led to a customized content management system that managed both websites efficiently. The solution also came complete with tailored MapSVG store locator plugins that directed digital traffic to physical locations.

A strong value proposition

We collaborated with stakeholders and conducted at-depth customer research to define a value proposition that became our north star for both the content strategy and the website's information architecture.

Content strategy

Nütrl’s 1, 2, 3 punch is no carbs, no sugar, no preservatives. Insights from our comprehensive audience research informed a strategy around Nütrl’s three key differentiators, elevating their unique value proposition.

Usability testing

Navigation tests and heat maps helped us identify and prioritize the key content for engaging our target audience so that customers could find exact what they need, faster.

Just one month after launch


POWER SHIFTER’s strategic 3-D framework, which helps brands become Discoverable, Desirable, and Distributed, informed the design and development process to ensure that Nütrl and Highball saw tangible post-launch results.


website page sessions longer than 1.5 minutes


more engagement for specific product description pages that provided valuable insights into Goodridge & William's most popular lines and flavours.

Shifting to

The final proof of concept came several months after the launch and re-launch of Nütrl and Highball. First, Nütrl teamed up with the Toronto International Film Festival and the NHL to become the official vodka of these two Canadian brands. Then, Labatt Breweries of Canada acquired Goodridge & Williams, elevating it from a newly national brand to a truly global player.

Paul Meehan
“POWER SHIFTER has good taste, and they ask a lot of important questions. We're very happy with the final product. They understood our brands, and our experience with them was a lot easier than our work with other agencies.”

Paul Meehan
Creative Director
Nütrl Vodka