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Who Should You Partner With on Your Next Digital Product?

When it comes to bringing your digital product idea to life, you need a partner that understands both the creative and logistical components of your project. There are many options: dev shops, creative agencies, business consultants, and digital product studios. But how do you know which is right for you?

Creative agencies

A creative agency typically offers a variety of services in marketing and advertising. These teams are focused on branding, aesthetics, and promotion. They rarely connect with users. Instead, prioritize crafting a unique brand story, compelling visuals, and a robust strategy for reaching potential customers.

Software development shops

They are much less concerned with creative elements, user interface (UI), or customer experience. Development teams must endlessly labour, dealing with a considerable number of (often competing) priorities.

Dev shops excel at technical work, but may not have the conceptual understanding needed to deliver a finished product and may lack an understanding of business strategy.

Business strategy consultants

They excel at dissecting large-scale problems and crafting internal business strategies to solve them.

When it comes to building a digital product, they often deliver high- level strategy documents or presentations at the outset, then step away for implementation, launch, and beyond. If they control the project, they will most likely outsource creative, development, and UX to select partners. Business Strategy Consultants are very good at crafting high-level strategic assessments but require assistance in execution and working through the details.

Digital product design studios

This end-to-end expertise ensures that the user is always at the centre of every client project, from the beginning to the end of their journey. Unlike creative consultancies, there is no requirement to outsource engineering and development strategy and execution.

Digital product design studios have both the technological capabilities and creative background to successfully execute any digital project. Their in-house cross-functional teams can guide you through the entire project, from ideation to execution.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

Who dev shops, creative agencies, business consultants, and digital product studios are, the skills each of these entities are known for, and the pros and cons of each. Ready to dive in?

Who should you partner with on your next digital product?
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