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The CMO wants a nimble, consistent, and fast ability to increase qualified leads through content & messaging,

while the CIO wants security, scalability, and certainty.


Sometimes these perspectives feel like a battle within your organization.

We speak both languages and build bridges between them to rapidly activate your content with our headless CMS, designed for businesses ready to lead.


A win for IT, a win for marketing… but ultimately, a win for your customers.

Let's build your bridge

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Success Stories

“The partnership and trust we've experienced with Team Power Shifter have been incredible. Their dedication brought our vision to life, exceeding all expectations.”

Tatiana Buba
Vice President of Communications, Equality Fund

“Beyond technical excellence, Power Shifter's deep commitment to partnership has been crucial to our program's success. Their support launched XYON's complex site, setting a strong foundation for our brand."

Dr. Simon Pimstone
Co-Founder and CEO, XYON

“I want to extend a massive thank you to the Power Shifter team for being amazing partners in this new journey for us. Thank you for everything everyone has done to make this project so successful!”

Renee Chung
Manager, Portals and Procedures Services, ICBC

to Headless CMS

Headless CMS represents the future of flexible, scalable content management, enabling businesses to quickly, nimbly, and seamlessly deliver personalized experiences across all channels and devices.

Why Contentful Headless CMS?

POWER SHIFTER makes the transition easy for your business to experience unparalleled design freedom with a Contentful headless CMS, enabling creative front-end development and seamless multi-channel content delivery. Enjoy optimized performance, security and scalable solutions that grow with your audience, all in one powerful platform.

Control and Flexibility

Customize experiences easily with full control over how things look and are delivered. Use a wide range of content models for all types of channels and devices, so you can grab your audience's attention.


Easily migrate your data and expand your online presence. We make your content simple to update and grow, setting you up for long-term success online.

Security and Speed

Enjoy stronger security and quicker updates. With a centralized system for your data, it's simpler to manage access and keep your content secure. This is especially important for handling sensitive information or meeting legal requirements.

Content Creation

Contentful Studio revolutionizes how teams collaborate on content creation, offering an intuitive, unified platform. It simplifies workflows, enhances productivity, and ensures consistency across all digital channels, empowering your team to deliver compelling content faster and more efficiently.

Let’s build your bridge and get more leads with a scaleable, secure CMS that your CMO and CIO will love.

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