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5x5 needed to tell their story. Fast. We created a scalable CMS website that not only told, but showed, their innovative AI-powered technology.

An iPad display the home page

5x5 needed a website that reflected the company’s maturing brand. Together, we leveraged Webflow to co-create an unparalleled website — one to attract the interest of both investors and enterprise customers.


  • Digital Strategy
  • UX research & design
  • User interface design
  • Art direction
  • Content strategy
  • Measurement strategy
  • Development

The brief.

5x5 Technologies is a leading InfraTech company providing AI-powered analytics for industrial structures in the built world. Their process is advanced, leveraging data collected by flying drones and precise 3D digital twins that can be viewed from all angles using their software. We settled on the concept of dimensionality in motion as a launch point for site development.

Like many startups,

5x5 had initially focused on building revolutionary technology and validating product-market fit. On a parallel track the company also developed a re-structured brand identity.  5x5 approached Power Shifter to help launch it.  We aimed to create a site that would not just tell prospective investors and B2B customers the company’s story, but also show them.

The solution.

We knew that 5x5's website needed to represent their technology in a novel way — a static website wasn't going to cut it. Tasked with delivering a website that put the brand front and centre in time for the company’s next major fundraising, Power Shifter relied on a flexible low/no-code platform.

Webflow was the best choice for this project.  It allowed for fast prototyping, collaborative content creation, and advanced animations using built-in Lottie integration. This was vital for showing dimensionality in motion.

Our intention was to start with all investor-facing pages to build appeal, foreground sophistication, and immediately attract interest. This meant rebuilding the homepage from the ground up, doing away with text-heavy sections and static imagery in favour of 3D graphics and dynamic animations.

From there, we dove deeper into detailed webpages, ensuring all subsequent pages provided the same interactive experience. Most importantly, we made the end product clearly articulated — through both text and design — to emphasize 5x5 as a leading force in the infrastructure analytics market. Putting 5x5's product features and services at the forefront, we successfully positioned the company for this stage in their journey.

A completely refreshed web presence — on an urgent timeline

Leveraging Webflow allowed us to move quickly — as time was of the essence for the initial launch. Working closely with the 5x5 team, we came up with a design that would intelligently reflect their growing maturity as a company as they prepared for the scrutiny of fundraising. Webflow's no/low-code structure allowed us to minimize dev time and focus on creating an immersive web experience.

It also allowed us to work more seamlessly with our client who wanted a high degree of collaboration on copy and content.

5x5 has experienced impressive growth and they had outgrown their initial website. Our objective in redesigning 5x5's website was to match their new site to the services, level of sophistication, and maturity of 5x5 today. This meant clearly articulating their value props and differentiators for market fit, rethinking their careers page, and adjusting all pages for a cohesive brand experience on desktop and mobile. Above all, we ensured customers could easily find information, understanding from the get-go what 5x5 does and gently converting them along the way.

Intelligent display of information

Chris Fawcett
“I challenged Power Shifter to create a website backed by a powerful CMS, built for growth, structured for easy content changes, and with a design ethos unlike anything else seen in our industry.
They certainly delivered.”

Chris Fawcett
Chief Marketing Officer
5x5 Technologies Inc.