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Impact-driven and agile by design, we unlock the full power — and greatest value — of your brand's digital touchpoints.

End-to-end strategy,
from concept to execution.

Our service design experts are here end-to-end to uncover insights, validate approaches, and bring your projects to life. From websites to brands to digital products, our team leads with strategy, working with you from the ground up to define your goals and the business roadmap to make them a reality. We’re a one stop agency who can manage both the long-term strategic planning, user research and testing, and the execution of your next big idea.

Strategic planning

Go-to-market strategies

Validating product-market

Change management


Co-design workshops

Powerful research
matched by powerful

Design shapes environment, environment shapes behaviour, and behaviour shapes outcomes. Our design experts are skilled at talking directly to your end customers and team, conducting field studies and workshops that give you a 360-degree view of pain points and opportunities. Through well-researched user insights, qualitative and quantitative research, and informed creativity, we meet complex user needs with simplified user experiences.

User research

User experience

User interface design

Design sprints

Low- and-no-code design

Accessibility audits

Simple, not simplistic.

Achieving simplicity for your digital products is never easy — in fact, most "simple" experiences are informed by the most complex technology. Using Design Thinking processes, we create award-winning, simple experiences that win the hearts, minds, and loyalty of your customers.

Simplicity wins

The world's most inspiring brands share one thing: they provide seamless, consistent, simple user experiences. No matter how complex your technology, a simplicity framework can drive long-term success:



Finding the balance between simple and complex makes something easy to use.


Grouping similar types of information together helps reduce clutter, and facilitates structure and hierarchy.


Understanding the 'why'.

saving time

Achieving efficiency, without sacrificing quality, helps everyone.


Directional cues, affordances, and paths with “no-dead-ends” lead to better experiences.


Pushing back on personal assumptions and designing with diversity is at the core of inclusive design.

Expertise across tech
stacks and toolkits.

Our technology experts make the intangible, tangible. We have experience across a wide range of infrastructures, including on-prem, cloud, and hybrid models, which power the vast array of technologies we use in building for various development tracks. Our product engineers take an efficient and iterative approach to building, testing, and deploying your product using scalable technologies to maximize quality and speed to market. No matter your product, website, or software solution, our frameworks and processes ensure your project is designed intelligently and intentionally, giving your end user the best experience possible.

Product engineering


Software development

QA testing

Web development

Mobile development

Low- and-no-code design

LMM, RAG, Chat Bots & Gen-AI

Our technology approach.

We take an "early and often" approach to developing and testing your application.
We have ample experience working with a range of technology architectures and stacks, and pride ourselves on working within your current realities and making the best technical choices to deliver top outcomes.
A transparent development cycle. We iterate collaboratively, so instead of waiting for the dreaded “ta-da” moments, you'll be informed every step of the way.
An actively maintained backlog capturing our detailed understanding of how each feature should work. This helps us get things right the first time — and avoid costly misalignments.
Rigorous QA testing and buq tracking throughout the development process. No show stopping problems discovered at the last minute.

You can expect

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Our direct to expert model gives you barrier-free communication with our strategy, design, and development experts.

Our team is passionate about working with ambitious companies to simplify life’s experiences. We live and breathe excellent product design every single day — get in touch with our experts anytime to discuss your digital strategy, product, and the future of your business.

“My door is always open.”

JP Holecka.

Founder & CEO

JP heads the vision and strategic direction of Power Shifter. For over 30 years, he has solved design, communications, and digital product challenges for clients such as Energizer, Deloitte, Mattel, TELUS, FitBit, and Western Union.

“People first.”

Eilish Kennedy.

Partner / Managing Director

Eilish streamlines day-to-day business operations, and attracts and retains the best talent to ensure long-term growth. With over 12 years in the digital tech industry, she has worked with giants such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and Nike Tennis.

“Trust in the process.”

Ted Morgan.

Partner / Client Delivery

Ted leads client delivery and process strategy, ensuring our clients achieve their expected outcomes. He has over 15 years of digital leadership experience, elevating teams and delivering products for some of the world's biggest brands, such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Starwood Hotels and A&W.

“My head is always in the cloud.”

Cary Newfeldt.

Partner / Technology

In his two decades of diverse experiences, Cary has led technology teams of all sizes to deliver successes at some of the largest brands, including Nike, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Nintendo. He cares about empowering teams with tools and inspiration to achieve incredible outcomes.

“Who are we designing for, and why?”

Priscilla Ho.

Design Strategy Director

Priscilla collaborates with multidisciplinary stakeholders to uncover the “why” behind people’s needs. With a strategic eye for value and impact, she has helped brands such as lululemon, TELUS, and RBC design more purposeful and human-centred experiences.

“Building bridges to make a better future.”

Tom Tompkins.

Senior Business Development Director

With over sixteen years of experience building strong collaborative relationships, Tom is responsible for connecting with potential clients and meeting their business, brand, and customer goals & objectives.


Founder & CEO


Managing Director


Client Delivery






Business Development

Technology partnerships

We are proud to be trusted tech partners of these innovative companies:

Technology specialists

Our infrastructure specialists are experienced in managing cloud, on-
prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments: