XYON Health knew they had excellent growth potential in the men's health consumer space. They needed a powerful website and e-commerce experience that would drive conversions of their innovative offerings.

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  • UX design
  • Product engineering
  • Web development
  • Development sprints
  • Project management

The brief.

XYON's advanced proprietary technology is designed to maximize hair growth for men. Their offerings stand to upend the men's health and vitality market through their unique services and innovative solutions.

To get these into the hands of consumers, XYON needed a sophisticated marketing and e-commerce site that would set them apart from their competition.

With an immovable launch date, POWER SHIFTER embarked on the challenge of balancing quality with speed to market to bring the ambitious platform to life on tight timelines.

The solution.

XYON brought in POWER SHIFTER as the technical lead, and handed us the reins on project management and delivery. Working closely together with XYON, POWER SHIFTER ensured the user experience across the marketing, consultation, and purchase pages was best-in-class.

The solution was three-fold:

we needed to build a marketing site that would clearly express XYON’s key differentiators; a virtual consultation to allow consumers to connect with doctors to obtain recommendations and prescriptions; and a secure and seamless purchase experience to enable customers to easily confirm, pay for, and repeat their orders. Across all three initiatives, providing a simple and frictionless user experience was a top priority.Through Agile methodologies and delivery expertise, POWER SHIFTER formed a full sprint team to achieve an MVP launch that exceeded all expectations.

First things first

Through an extensive discovery and definition phase, POWER SHIFTER identified the most valuable priorities for XYON — and decided upon an initial MVP that would make a significant impact in-market from launch.

An elevated marketing site

Drawing on extensive branding work provided by Dossier, XYON’s brand strategy & design partner, POWER SHIFTER created a marketing site that both simplified and elevated the user experience, empowering prospective customers to easily find the answers they need.

A seamless consultation process

POWER SHIFTER built a virtual consultation process that makes it simple for customers to connect with doctors and receive product recommendations that are tailored to their unique challenges. From there,  thanks to an API integration called a multiple-document interface (MDI), a prescription is sent to the customer that allows them to instantly fulfill their orders.

A purchase experience designed for ease and security

In addition to acquiring a prescription, XYON customers needed an easy way to log in, confirm their orders, and process payments. Using a tech stack that included Next.js, NestJS, Stripe, and Sanity.io, POWER SHIFTER built a purchase experience that makes account management and payment easy and secure.

“What I have appreciated about POWER SHIFTER, is not simply their technical excellence, but their deep commitment to partnership. This is often an under-appreciated, but critical element of program success. They have been a sincere pleasure to work with and have enabled the launch of XYON's complex and beautiful commerce site, which we expect will be the foundation of a successful brand.”

Dr. Simon Pimstone
Founder and CEO