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Growth Mindset: New Roles to Take POWER SHIFTER & luxxee to the Next Level

A growth mindset is more than just a focus on business development and profitability. To us, it’s about the company and team members possessing a desire to embrace challenges, take on new opportunities, make mistakes, learn, and evolve—all while embracing empathy, transparency, and curiosity.

In 2020, POWER SHIFTER began building our digital product, luxxee, all while growing the agency. Everyone stepped up to support both endeavours, and we couldn’t be more proud to share the new roles our leadership team has stepped into.

Eilish BP

Eilish Kennedy, Managing Director at POWER SHIFTER, & COO of luxxee

Eilish has been POWER SHIFTER's Managing Director since 2019. Having her at the helm of streamlining operational efficiencies, elevating the team, and hiring new staff has transformed our company culture and profitability. By transparently managing our finances, she has been able to reinvest more dollars into the team and support our clients. Now, Eilish will be doing the same for luxxee. As the COO, she will be responsible for building the startup's operational framework, ensuring investors feel confident about how dollars are being spent, and keeping the team happy and engaged.

Ted BP

Ted Morgan, VP of Client Experience, POWER SHIFTER

CX has long been a sought-after strategy for achieving greatness in Customer Experience. At POWER SHIFTER, we are taking these same principles and applying them to our Client Experience. In Ted’s new role as the VP of Client Experience, he will be evolving our “Direct to Expert” approach in new ways to deliver additional value and solutions for our clients. Our team is passionate about designing and building simple digital products. With renewed emphasis, this simplicity is being focused upon how we work with our clients. With Ted at the helm, we will ensure every engagement leads with a spirit of co-creation and the desire for our team to serve as your team.

Cary BP

Cary, VP of Technology, POWER SHIFTER, & CTO for luxxee

Technology is a crucial part of what enables POWER SHIFTER to help our clients simplify life’s experiences. As the VP of Technology, Cary oversees all technology-related operations. Cary will guide POWER SHIFTER and our clients to build robust and modern digital products with a focus on growth and scalability. As the agency expands into new markets, Cary will advise leadership on how to set POWER SHIFTER up for success and establish a global presence.

For Cary, becoming the CTO of luxxee represents a new challenge in his career: "luxxee is unique because it's something we have already built. We have a mature, well-tuned team, and now I'm looking forward to taking our collective experience and leveraging it to grow luxxee into a successful product."


As our people grow, so does POWER SHIFTER’s capacity to serve our clients. We’re excited about the upcoming year and all that our leadership will contribute to elevating our people, clients, and digital experiences. Please help us in congratulating Eilish, Ted, and Cary on their new roles!

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