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POWER SHIFTER Joins the Carbon Neutral Club

(Vancouver, BC) - POWER SHIFTER, a Vancouver-based digital product design studio that uses strategy, design, and engineering to simplify the digital transformation of brands, from where they are to where they want to be, has joined the Carbon Neutral Club!

Climate change is a serious problem. Over the last couple of months, in British Columbia alone, we have seen record high temperatures, followed by forest fires that have burned down small towns and pushed the air quality index into hazardous zones. “POWER SHIFTERs have always been conscious about climate change. Collectively we started to think about our role and what we could do to take action,” said JP Holecka, CEO and Founder of POWER SHIFTER. “In researching solutions, we came across the Carbon Neutral Club. Their approach to funding carbon offset projects, supporting sustainable brands, and holding their members accountable felt aligned with our goals and values.”

Carbon Neutral Club is focused on inspiring individuals and businesses to work together to build a better, cleaner future for our planet. Becoming a member means supporting science-backed projects proven to slow climate change, harnessing the tools to monitor and report on our agency’s impact, and rewarding our staff for living more sustainable lives. All while continually learning how to further reduce our carbon footprints.

*“While our contributions alone won’t solve climate change, it is important for us as an agency to do our part. So we’re thrilled to start a program with a company that mirrors our values and to give current and future employees another reason to feel proud of where they work.” *

Eilish Kennedy, Managing Director

ABOUT CARBON NEUTRAL CLUB Carbon Neutral Club is a membership that lets organizations and individuals save money for fighting climate change. Their mission is to inspire individuals and businesses to work together in building a better future for our planet. They believe that real change happens when good people rally around a problem that is worth solving.

ABOUT POWER SHIFTER POWERS SHIFTER is a digital product and service design studio that partners with leading brands & scaleups to produce digital products — applications, mobile apps, and websites — using strategy, design, and engineering to simplify the digital transformation of brands, from where they are to where they want to be. POWER SHIFTER has been named a top Canadian agency in Clutch’s annual list of high-performing service providers as voted by their clients two years running.

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