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POWER SHIFTER Ventures Announces Closed Beta Launch Applications for luxxee™

Over the last seven months, we’ve been quietly building a disruptive platform in the online luxury watch space. And we’re finally ready to share it with a select group! luxxee™ is acquiring testers for a two month closed beta. More specifically, we are looking for those who love, buy, collect, ogle, sell, and wear luxury watches. There’s some fine print and a process involved to get access, but we invite you to fill out the form if you are a self-described watch aficionado.

Our closed beta invitations represent another milestone in our product journey. We’ve detailed the start of our venture in an article featured on Forbes. luxxee™ is on target for a beta launch in January and a full launch in March. “We’ve been hard at work since May, and it has been amazing to watch the team bring something together that is our very own,” said POWER SHIFTER Ventures CEO and Co-Founder of luxxee™, JP Holecka. “This feels like a positive way to round off a strange and trying year, and I couldn’t be more proud of our team.”

luxxee Sign-up Form

ABOUT LUXXEE™ luxxee™ is a search engine that users can use to find, compare, and buy luxury watches from the most trusted sites online, all in a single e-commerce like user experience.

ABOUT POWER SHIFTER Ventures POWER SHIFTER Ventures is the investment arm of POWER SHIFTER. Its goal is to identify and invest in startups that have long-term growth potential through equity pairing. luxxee™ is the first venture that will be launching in the spring of 2021.

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